My New Best Friends

Recently, I moved very far away from “home”. It continues to be an adjustment and most days I’m not sure that I’ll ever be comfortable here. In the time since the move, I have been grasping at some semblance of a social life and coming up empty-handed.

I am socially awkward in a way that even I don’t fully understand (but it has something to do with being an alpha for so long and suddenly being the new girl). I am also very self-conscious, which is new for me.

Through all of this, there have been a few people that have stuck it out with me and I just want to reach out and thank these people that have become very important to me.

The first people I have to thank are the folks from back home that have stayed in touch. It’s amazing how many people who acted like me leaving was the end of the world have not called since we drove away. I need to give credit to the people who still pretend to give a shit about me when they don’t have to.

My facebook friends!! I love you guys! I love you so much I even meant those exclamation points. I have a very short attention span and facebook gives me a good platform to slowly get to know you without feeling like a stalker. And you guys are the greatest. It genuinely amazes me how, even though we are a reeeeally diverse group, you get me better than my siblings. And most of you have fantastic senses of humor. I rarely worry about offending or seeming too dark in front of you.

My twitter followers and followees. I don’t think I’ll ever be comfortable with twitter, I admit it. You guys frighten and amaze me with your conversations and, frankly, I can’t keep up. But everyone is still incredibly patient and, for that, I thank you with all my heart.

My new friends from SC. Not many of you will read this, but thank you anyway. Again, with the patience! Many of you have taken my social awkwardness in stride and continued to invite me out of my house (which is more of a help than you can imagine). Please don’t mistake my shyness for any sort of slight. I really am this weird; once you get to know me, it becomes endearing.

Finally, I want to thank you, my readers. If I didn’t have you to vent to I would have no reason to log on everday and reach out. I really think this blog thingy is what’s standing between me and a genuine mental break. It keeps me motivated and enthusiastic about meeting new people, even if only online. I know it’s not that good, so thanks for hanging in there with me!

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