What am I Doing Here?

So…I’m facing a crisis of confidence about this whole blogging thing and it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. You know who you are – the clever, hysterical, endlessly interesting blogging moms who make me feel like I left the house in my underwear (actually, I should leave the house in my underwear, at least then I’d have something interesting to write about).

I admit it; you got me. I have nothing to add to the conversation. I am, as usual, late to the party. And all I brought was pretzels.

On the other hand, I have never been more entertained in my life. You guys are genuiely brilliant in ways I only pretend at. Reading your posts, I find myself laughing harder than I can remember. I am constantly inspired and sometimes awed not only by your talent, but also the way you handle challenges with humor. I love all you people I don’t even know.

Yes, I’m so fucking LAME.


About mecarol

A weird mom and her weird husband trying to raise their weird kids in this increasingly weird world.
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