Motherhood: Revisited

I’m pretty sure no one noticed, but I fell off the face of the Earth a few days ago.

And here is why:

First Week of Kitten


There was a peeping(mewing? squeaking? we weren’t sure) coming from the general vicinity of our bedroom on Friday night. At first I thought our neighbor had gotten some kind of new pet (bird? guinea pig? again, not sure). Then I thought we had a rodent in the walls (because it was late at night and I’m paranoid). We found this little guy(we’re pretty sure it’s a guy) under our building on Saturday morning.

As you can tell from the last paragraph, J and I aren’t the sharpest spoons, so we were at a loss about what to do with our infestation guest.

Now, I’ve worked with animals before – in shelters, as a rescue worker, and as a foster home. But that was a pile of narcotics lifetime ago. Since I couldn’t even tell the difference between a bird call and a meow, I wasn’t exactly confident in my animal-handling skills.

We’re also new to the area, so we don’t know how these things are handled around here. Back home, I had a list of people to call for support with animal rescue. Down here, someone might just decide to bring him home and cook him for supper.*

We decided to get him out of there ourselves and take it from there.

Kitty-poo(good name?) is finally doing well. We’ve gotten down suckling, urination, and even some bowel movement.

But I’m a mess.

Because, after 3 days of 8-feedings-a-day, periodic ass-wiping, and shit-tastrophes, I am reminded what it was like to have a newborn.

I haven’t showered. I’ve barely slept. And everything else has gone right down the crapper.

All I can focus on is keeping Trinket(?) alive.

This is exactly the kind of newborn-mom I was. And it is exactly why I should not do it again.

In the meantime, we have a kitten. We still need to name him and the vet appointment will be scheduled tomorrow. He is thriving so far and I’m very happy about it. A special thanks goes out to everyone I’ve pestered with updates and questions all weekend.

*I swear that’s not a Southerner joke. I would say the same thing if we lived in Pittsburgh.

**Sorry about all the BM talk. Hope you’re not easily put off your dinner!

About mecarol

A weird mom and her weird husband trying to raise their weird kids in this increasingly weird world.
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4 Responses to Motherhood: Revisited

  1. Jodi says:

    You are exactly the kind of kitty mama I am. I actually think it is harder caring for a kitty than it was with the kids. At least mine, because my humans slept through the night. lol Sorry Drake(?) (he kind of looks like a little bat, so Drake could be a take on Dracula) can’t get his shit together, or at least keep it off of you. 😉

    The easiest thing I’ve found in litter training kittens was to start small. I used a tissue box and would just periodically put the critter in the box and swish the litter around. They’d get the idea and eventually follow my lead. And I’d keep it in the box/area I had set up for them to sleep in so it was always right there. Then once kitty was going without any prodding, I’d get them a full size pan.

    • mecarol says:

      My humans did not sleep through the night, but it was easier. I wasn’t exactly a nervous baby-mama, but I just decided that was all I was doing. After a week with the kitten (and a vet all-clear), I can say I’ve relaxed a lot.

      The kids are pushing for Larry (they say it like SpongeBob and it rhymes with hairy).

  2. Hey there. Well I can see that you have now been adopted by a kitten. Good luck & let me know if you have any more questions. Miss ya! xo 🙂

    ~ Lyra

    • mecarol says:

      Hey, Girlie! Miss you too. Everything seems to be going well so far *crosses fingers* he’s gaining weight and learning to use the litter box. Thanks for the help!

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