Nightmares Filled with Pretty Girls

You know how there are some women who are either ethereally beautiful or maybe just look like aliens? And you can’t decide which?

Well, that’s how I used to feel about Amanda Seyfried.

But I think the case has been closed. In spectacular fashion.

Last night, while the hubs and I were sitting through the trailers on a DVD, Loo came out of his room to complain (as usual) about his brother being annoying while he was trying to sleep. We quickly paused the DVD, managed the situation, and sent him back to bed. We then resumed watching the trailer for The Runaways.

Not a minute later, he comes back out in sobs and tears. He starts blubbering about the scary girl that he saw on the TV.

Now I’m in full panic mode, thinking there was some dead-girl frame I paused on and didn’t notice. So, while my husband comforts the kid, I rewind through the trailers trying to find the image that is terrifying my child and I find…nothing.


So, I ask Loo what the scary girl looked like. “She was all white and she was sweating.” All right…

Dakota Fanning? (Although I think Dakota Fanning in a corset is scarier for us parents than for any kid)

“No. She had REALLY BIG EYES.” (Again, I’m assuming Dakota Fanning.)

So I rewind a bit to the end of the trailer for Chloe. My son starts full-on, Jamie Lee Curtis-style screaming over the last shot of Amanda Seyfried. Not dead, not doing anything special, just breathing heavy and looking like Amanda Seyfried.

Like I said, I always had suspicions that the woman was a bit strange looking, but I was not expecting this.

We try to explain to him that there is nothing scary about what’s going on here. The girl is just crying because she is sad.

But she’s so WHITE!

Well, yes, but that’s just what that girl looks like…

And her EYES! They’re so BIG!

Yes, I know, but that’s just what she looks like…

She’s not NORMAL!

I guess not, Honey, to you, but she is just a regular girl.

No regular girls look like THAT!” followed by more sobbing.

This went on for hours of comforting and leaving lights on and crying.

The mystery is solved. She does not look normal.*

Granted, I should not have made him look at her again. There was some misguided thought that if I could just show him what was really happening he would not be scared anymore. Bad parent. Bad parent!

*I have to admit, while looking for pictures to link, it was difficult to find a really bad one. I’m sure she’s actually gorgeous.

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A weird mom and her weird husband trying to raise their weird kids in this increasingly weird world.
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One Response to Nightmares Filled with Pretty Girls

  1. gigi says:

    She has that heroin chic look to her face. Vacant and creepy. I agree.

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